Social Impact Assessment Studies

PLAN Foundation is also involved in carrying out Social Impact Assessment Studies under its Research and Analysis initiative. These studies are conducted in collaboration with various government and private organizations. We have a dedicated team lead by Mr. Viral Misra for carrying out such projects. Our most recent SIA study includes the acquisition of the Bantony Castle, Shimla. (The Final report and summary can be downloaded from below). Anyone interested to know more about Social Impact Assessment Studies can write…

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Project “ANANYA” Project ANANYA is focused on the formation of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) under Swaranajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojna (SGSY) guidelines. SHGs are formed at Panchayat level and SHG federations at block level. ANANYA focuses on organizing the poor at the grassroot level through the process of social mobilization for poverty eradication. SGSY’s approach to organize the poor stems from the conviction that there is tremendous potential within the poor to help themselves and that the potential can be harnessed by…

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Lab to Land

Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider in India, more so in the vast rural areas. It also contributes a significant figure to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Sustainable agriculture, in terms of food security, rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil conservation, sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity protection, are essential for holistic rural development. Himachal Pradesh is a hilly state with a prominent agro sector but the decreasing size of farms and…

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Organic Farming

Organic Farming Sustainable development has caught the imagination and action all over the world for more than a decade. Sustainable agriculture is necessary to attain the goal of sustainable development. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), sustainable agriculture “is the successful management of resources for agriculture to satisfy changing human needs while maintaining or enhancing the quality of environment and conserving natural resources”. All definitions of sustainable agriculture lay great emphasis on maintaining an agriculture growth rate, which…

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Targeted Intervention Project Damtal, Distt. Kangra H.P. The Project is funded by HP State AIDS Control Society (Project commenced from: 1st Oct. 2010 to till date ) India is one of the largest and most populated countries in the world, with over one billion inhabitants. Of this number, it’s estimated that around 2.4 million people are currently living with HIV. HIV emerged later in India than it did in many other countries. Infection rates soared throughout the 1990s, and today…

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