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Every child, youth and adult should have a chance to get quality education, regardless of whether they are male or female, rich or poor, disabled or not, living in remote areas or in urban centers. It is an established fact that rural government schools face lack of trained teachers and adequate infrastructure. Beside this the exposure of children to the outer world and developments happening around in various sectors are very limited.

We are making a difference through our focused intervention by way of :

Research: Finding GAP in institutional and infrastructural setup in schools and developing strategy for accessible quality education in rural areas.
Program Planning and implementation: Implementing various programs for demonstration and promoting stakeholder’s ownership.
Infrastructure Development: Providing/creating necessary infrastructure (Basic amenities) in Government schools
Innovations: Supporting innovative ideas for promotion of Science, Art, Knowledge of the world.
Current Programs:

Pahal – An initiative addressing the issue of providing basic infrastructure such as toilets, Drinking water, Playground, sport & games equipment, library and books, Desk benches to such schools and also provide exposure to children through our volunteers.

House of Learning – A platform for girl students belonging to poor background for better education and an opportunity for them to succeed in life. Here we admit girls who belong from any of the following categories such as Families below Poverty line, Widow headed family, Landless or marginal farmers, Belonging to the lower cast or category, Low educational qualification, Agricultural Labourer etc. but show promise and an inclination towards getting educated.

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PLAN Foundation is a non-profit making organization dedicated for bringing rural prosperity through Research and Studies, Trainings and Capacity Building, Technical Support & Intervention of Appropriate Rural Technology and Institutional Networking in the National and Global Perspective.
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