Education plays vital role in human development. In rural areas govt. schools are the only source from where children can get educated. Unfortunately in rural areas, children have access to only formal education which requires a lot of changes in its curriculum. In rural schools, children were found lacking interest in science, nature and outer world as they do not have sources to access the information. In remote areas, some schools do not even have basic infrastructure. PLAN Foundation’s “Pahal” initiative addresses this issues of providing basic infrastructure (as toilets, Drinking water, Playground, sport & games equipment, library and books, Desk benches) to such schools and also provide exposure to children through our volunteers.

How It Works ?

PLAN Foundation invites volunteers from across the world. These volunteers are well trained through specially designed training sessions. The volunteer’s start fund generation campaigns for infrastructure development for the selected schools. They also take classes in these schools as per the session plan. During these workshops “Need Assessment” of school is conducted and same is addressed through the generated funds.

Beside the numbers of Individual Volunteers, Youth Making A Difference (YMAD) USA is our biggest partner in this project. We have also partnered with Wake Foundation Taiwan for this project.


PLAN Foundation has sucessfully covered about 26 schools in Chamba, Mandi & Kullu districts of Himachal Pradesh. Toilet construction, drinking water systems, Class room infra etc. were created in the schools as per requirement.

The next intervention

8 new schools have been selected for the next intervention. The volunteers from YMAD USA (Youth Making A Difference) will participate in these schools and will lead Pahal.

Distt. School Dates
Shimla Govt. Primary School Shaneri, Raisharan, Dansa, Lalsa of Block Rampur Distt. Shimla 28 March to 5 April 2017
Kullu GPS Hidav, Sari, Binni & Bahu of Block Banjar 11 April to 18 April 2017

We are identifying the new schools where we can make difference. Be a part of change

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