States aspiring to democratic governance and strong economies require capable administrative and political structures. Reform or transformation of each sector (which is directly linked with service delivery) is a growing focus in our country. Past programmes were often ill-conceived and poorly implemented and resulted in outcomes that were not supportive of either citizen or development goals. PLAN foundation is working as pressure group for policy formation through the surveys/studies and demonstration of best practices from across the world.

Present Intervention: Sector Reform in Urban Local Bodies (ULBs).

Urban local bodies are key center for delivery of basic services to the citizens. India is a rapidly growing economy and livelihood opportunities and other services such as education & health in urban areas attract migration from villages, which consequently leads to pressure on urban local bodies.

PLAN Foundation has initiated demand driven reforms in ULBs. We are providing support to the ULBs in following area:
1. Revenue generation through adoption of Web/GIS based property tax reforms
2. Solid liquid waste management through PPP model.
3. Online services to the citizens.

If you are a ULB representative or official and looking for support, please contact us

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